Floor Exercise Tumbling Warm-up

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10 Responses to “Floor Exercise Tumbling Warm-up”

  1. brickeypoo

    She so good

  2. makeupgymnast

    I was just wondering cuz I live 2 hours from Cincinnati! :)

  3. usamlt

    yes it is.

  4. usamlt

    yes it is

  5. usamlt

    our team kids do not wear shorts since they cannot wear them in competition.

  6. xoGymnastxx3


  7. makeupgymnast

    Is your gym in Cincinnati, OH?

  8. pascale1989

    I watched this video and thought hey she looks a lot like Lexi Priessman:) Untill she calls her name and I realize it is actually her! She is amazing!

  9. fgymnastm12

    Lexi Prissman :)

  10. tailz009

    what is this gymnasts name ? she is quite amazing.